Early Entrepreneur

Dr. Parker started working at a young age at 13 or so splitting shakes, pouring concrete, and building rock walls with his family. From there he started his own Landscaping business. He knocked on doors, asked people if they needed help with their yards and did the work.

Inventor and Marketer
In 1994 Dr. Parker started inventing high-end dog training equipment and related products and kicked off a new company, Canine Equipment Inc, “Gear fer Dogs” .Within 12 months the demand for this high quality product took the company from early Beta-testing to full distribution to the US, Canadian and Japanese markets. Early adopting of the World Wide Web brought overseas material sourcing and drop shipping of affiliate products.

Dr. Parker attributes his success to the management system built on natural laws of organization by American engineer and author, L. Ron Hubbard . It was a natural move into the consulting field when talking with clients about their business problems and delivering workable solutions. In 2001 Dr. Parker sold all three companies and moved to Florida where he commenced formal training at the Hubbard College of Administration. He returned to Vancouver, Canada in late 2004, starting off Professional Business Solutions . Within a short period of time vertical specialization within the veterinary field brought the emergence of Veterinary Practice Solutions (2008), a consulting firm 100% dedicated to veterinary practice owners. He continues to support his veterinary colleagues with the passionate application of management tools in getting practices to grow.

Veterinary Practice Owner
After completing his degrees in Environmental Science and Veterinary Medicine, Dr. Parker re-entered the business world in 1986 with the purchase of the Animal Medical Hospital, a struggling veterinary practice in the country’s highest per capita income community. High interest rates of the 80’s had almost bankrupted the original owner. The competition was fierce. But with hard work and some strong intention he turned the practice into a going concern, doubling the size in just a few years. In 1989, with increasing time constraints and stress of the practice, Dr. Parker discovered what he had been looking for since taking over the practice – a practice management system built on practical applications. This system today, the Hubbard Management System ,is used by literally 100’s of thousands of businesses worldwide. And for one good reason – it works. Implementing this system brought organization and efficiency, more time for clients and their pets and ultimately less time requirements as a manager. He also started and ran Veterinary Endoscopy Service (VES), a diagnostic and treatment service for animal using fiber-optic technology.


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